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Please find below relevant rules and regulations regarding Foreigners Registration in India. This information has been issued by the Police Commissioner’s Office, Pune.

Every foreigner coming to India must have valid Passport and Visa. In order to continue his/her stay in India, it is mandatory for the foreigner to carry documents of his identification as below –

  1. Passport with Visa endorsed.
  2. Registration Certificate issued by Registration Officer.
  3. Residential Permit issued by FRRO/FRO.

The foreigner is under obligation to produce above documents to any Police Officer on demand for inspection.

Foreigners entering in India on long term visa i.e. for a period more than 180 days on Student Visa, Employment Visa, Research Visa, Medical Visa and Missionary Visa are required to get themselves registered within 14 days of their arrival with the concerned FRRO/FRO.

Students arriving on short term Provisional Visa (Valid for 180 days or less) need not register but they should confirm their admission within stipulated visa period or else they will be required to go back to their country.

Once the admission is confirmed the students on short term Provisional Student Visa should approach concerned FRRO/FRO for registration and extension.

The above rules will not be applicable to Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Afghani nationals.

  • Pakistani Nationals to report within 24 hours after their arrival.
  • Afghan Nationals to report within 7 days of their arrival.
  • Bangladesh Nationals on Student Visa within 7 days and on other visas within 24 hours of their arrival.
  • Application Forms (4 Copies)
  • Photographs (4 Copies)
  • Copies of Passport-Photo Page, Validity Page, Visa Page, Arrival Stamp Page
  • Proof of Residence (Leave & License agreement/ C-Form from the owner is required to be submitted within 24 hours to FRO.
  • Bonafide Certificate / Letter of Provisional Admission from University/College/Institution in case of Student Visa

Extension of Student Visa is done locally by FRO. As long as foreigner is Bonafide student and studying in recognized University / Institute, extension is provided up to five years or duration of program, whichever is less, on year to year basis.

  • Application Form containing Telephone/Mobile numbers
  • Photograph (1 Copy)
  • Photo page of Passport (1 Copy)
  • Visa Page (1 Copy)
  • Residential Permit (1 Copy)
  • Bonafide Certificate from the College/Institute (Year to Year)
  • Address Proof
  • Bank Statement (Showing Money Transaction)
  • All Mark Sheets
  • Failed students allowed extension till University/College/Institute allows them, provided Bonafide stating intention to study

Return Visa is a facility to be granted to foreign nationals who have completed one year stay and are likely to be permitted to continue their stay for one year in India. It is not be granted in a routine manner and while their stay is under consideration.

  • Granted to student to visit his country
  • Granted once in a year (In emergency second time visa may be granted)
  • Granted up to 90 days (Subject to validity of passport and visa)
  • Not Granted for Tourist purpose.
  • Return Visa Fees are as per Government Circular
  • Return Visa is not issued on Provisional Visa


Documents required for Return Visa

  • Application Form
  • Photo page of passport
  • Passport Validity page
  • Visa Page and Residential Permit
  • Bonafide Certificate


Police Commissioner Office,
2, Sadhu Waswani Road,
Next to G.P.O., Pune – 411 001.

Telephone No: 020-26208273

Office Time:

10:00 am to 12:30 pm for Visa/ R.P. Extension
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm for New Registration

Website: Pune FRO | www.punepolice.gov.in

Website: Bureau of Immigration | www.immigrationindia.nic.in