] Joint Scholarships - SCIE

Applicant Eligibility

SIU-ICCR Scholarships are only for ‘Foreign Nationals’. Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders and Non Resident Indians (NRI) are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.


  • Hold a valid foreign passport.
  • Have obtained more than 75% as a qualifying grade in 12th Std. (in case of Undergraduate programs) and 60% as a qualifying grade in Graduation (in case of Postgraduate programs).
  • Applicants must have completed their last qualifying exam and should have their results.
  • Have appeared for an English Proficiency Test conducted by British Council (IELTS) with a minimum score of 6 or the IELA Test with a minimum band of 4.
  • Fulfill the specific eligibility criteria (if any) of the desired program. (Click here in case of Undergraduate programs and Click here in case of Postgraduate programs)



This policy does not cover the following categories:

  • Indian, NRI, PIO and OCI students
  • International Students on short term programs
  • Students who are appearing for their last year/semester exams and their results are awaited
  • Doctoral programs
  • Part time programs


Selection Criteria:

The following criteria will be applicable for evaluating applications:

  • Academic Transcripts to support the record of sustained academic excellence.
  • *Letter of Recommendation from the Ministry of Higher Education of the respective Country/ The Embassy/High Commission of the Country in India
  • Bank Statement of the parents for the last 1 year
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Specific Eligibility Criteria: Students must verify and satisfy the specific eligibility for a program for which he/she is applying including English language requirement.

Step: 1

Visit either of the links below to apply online:

Under-Graduate: Click here
Post-Graduate: Click here

Step: 2

Fill the Online Application Form.

Step: 3

Make the payment of application fee. For payment details refer: Payment Instructions

Step: 4

Click on the ‘Apply for Scholarship’ tab and fill in the required fields and upload all the documents.

Step: 5

Click on the submit button.

Please Note: All the applications received by SCIE will be verified and evaluated by a Selection Committee and the shortlisted students will be informed accordingly.
Incomplete application as well as application submitted after the deadline (last date of online application form) will not be considered for the scholarship. Please check the website http://scie.ac.in/ for changes in dates and other details

  • The Selection Committee will select the candidate for scholarship on the basis of academic achievements, statement of purpose and references submitted. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final. Reasons for not being awarded the scholarship will not be given.
  • This scholarship is a semester based scholarship related to the scholar’s academic performance. The academic status will be reviewed every semester for continuation of Scholarship. The scholar must maintain satisfactory academic progress and score a minimum GPA of 3.0 for PG program & UG program or better in every semester with no backlogs. Failure to obtain the prescribed GPA shall result in the withdrawal of the scholarship.
  • All scholarship students should be in good mental and physical health.
  • It is mandatory for the International students to make all transactions in USD.
  • The student shall not be allowed to change the program or the Institute for which he/she is given scholarship even if the duration and the tuition fee is the same.
  • Scholarship holder is responsible for securing an appropriate Student Visa to SIU and for any fee associated with the visa, including medical examination (visa purpose). The offer of a scholarship does not guarantee that a student visa will be granted.
  • Scholarship holder shall get academic fee waiver as per SIU norms and accommodation as well as food stipend as per ICCR norms. ICCR will pay the accommodation and food stipend directly to Symbiosis Society Foundation (SSF). The scholarship holder has to bear all other expenses, such as, application fee, IELA fee, administrative fee, uniform fee, medical insurance, security deposit (if any), etc.
  • It is mandatory for a scholar to stay at the Symbiosis Hostel.
  • The tenure of the scholarship and accommodation offered is for the duration of the program. The scholarship is applicable from the commencement of the program till the declaration of result/receipt of provisional certificate and not up to the issuance of degree by the Institute/University.
  • Students shall finish their program within a stipulated duration. Delay in completion of program will not be covered under the scholarship. In case of delay in completion, the scholarship holder shall be responsible for paying additional charges.
  • The scholarship duration will not be extended if the scholar is detained /debarred from appearing in the examination due to shortage of attendance. Suspension from the University will result in immediate withdrawal of the scholarship.
  • SCIE reserves the right to cancel the awarded scholarship with immediate effect if any document lacks authenticity. Student is required to show original transcripts and documents submitted with scholarship application.
  • Students on scholarship are permitted to go to their home country during vacations without any financial liabilities on SIU & ICCR.
  • Symbiosis International University reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship, if there is an adequate proven evidence of serious allegations of illegal activities against the scholarship holder. In such cases, SIU will not have any role to play when the FRRO investigates the case.
  • In case a scholarship holder violates the code of conduct of Symbiosis International University, his/her scholarship would be cancelled immediately.
  • Any dispute will be settled by arbitration, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Pune court only.



1. Scholarship Monitoring : will be undertaken by SCIE and SSF to ensure that scholarship recipients are abiding by the terms and conditions of their scholarship.

This monitoring will include but is not limited to –

  • Academic performance.
  • Re-assessment of personal circumstances, if required.
  • Any feedback or new information received from the concerned embassies /ministries.


2. Scholarship Payment : will not be made to the applicant directly in the form of money or any other financial benefits. Payments will be made by the Symbiosis Society Foundation (SSF) directly to the institute where the recipients are enrolled. This payment will be made continuously for each year of the duration of the program as long as the recipient is abiding to the terms/conditions.

3. Scholarship Termination : In case a student violates any terms/conditions of the undertaking, the scholarship will immediately be terminated. Amounts already disbursed in that year will be liable to be paid back to the Foundation (SSF). In case a student leaves the program halfway through the academic year, the scholarship will terminated immediately and the amount already disbursed for that year will be liable to be paid back to the Foundation (SSF). In case a student leaves the program at the end of an academic year, without completing it fully, the scholarship will terminate.

Where there is any doubt as to the interpretation or administration of the policies and procedures contained within this document, the Principal Director, Symbiosis and the Executive Director, SCIE will be responsible for making decisions.