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Study MBA in India: Know All About the Course, Eligibility and Cost

A progressive country such as India has already put education for international students on a pedestal with initiatives such as ‘Study in India Program’. A good start for new opportunities; this land has long been known for its rich diverse culture and value systems that are an integral part of education. For international students who want to study management in India can never fall short of choices in specializations.

How to Apply? A Complete Admission Procedure for Foreign Students in India

Known for its dynamic landscape of diverse cultures and experiences; India has always been a country that has attracted foreigners to explore and experience different flavors of various regions. Adding to the diversity, quality and affordable education makes it a major seat of learning for students who want to add value to their education. A number of institutes in recent decades have made education rich,

Symbiosis International Student Convocation 2018

SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CONVOCATION CEREMONY-2018 The Symbiosis International Student’s Convocation Ceremony is organized for all the international students in India. International Students do not have the permit to stay after the course completion until December; hence Symbiosis organises the International Students Convocation Ceremony in the month of June to fulfil a student’s dream of walking [...]

Student’s Guide to Choosing a University Program

The admission season is one of the toughest for students. And if you haven’t already made your mind which course or college you wish to enrol with, it can be even tougher. While you are confused and unable to make a decision you will find several people around you offering suggestions anyone you would want to speak to your seniors,

The People Management Skills You Need to Acquire Before Getting Started with Your MBA

Management is an exciting area of study and graduates with an MBA or PGDM qualification are in great demand across all industries the world over. Management graduates can be seen on entry level to managerial to higher management positions in all types of organisations and businesses. And in order to function effectively on such positions an individual must possess certain people management skills that will assist them in efficiently managing their subordinates as well as colleagues in the organisation as well as work with the seniors.

Which courses are offered at Symbiosis International (Deemed University)?

Symbiosis International (Deemed University) is one of those educational bodies which are quite in demand for providing quality education. Aspirants from all over the world come here for pursuing higher education. Learning at Symbiosis is a great experience for students.

Further, Symbiosis is considered as one of the best universities in India for pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies by international students from over 85 countries.

Most Frequently asked questions while applying for Symbiosis International (Deemed University) – Part 1

Applying to a university isn’t quite as simple as picking out a new phone or deciding what Frappuccino you want. It’s the university application season and students across the country are gearing to apply at the Symbiosis International (Deemed University). You know you’re going for the gold, but before you fill out that application, there are some things you should know.

Top MBA Myths That You Need to Stop Believing In

With the growing demand for specialized degree programs at the post-graduate level, MBA programs are witnessing a cultural shift. This trend switch is also a result of looming myths about MBA among the people.

Here are top 6 myths about MBA – busted:

Myth#1: All MBA Graduates Cannot Contribute Significantly to An Organization

It is often believed that MBAs lack specialization in specific areas,

Top 5 Things Employers Look for in an MBA Graduate

MBA graduates are in great demand by the employers. Since every year there are MBA graduates in large numbers, employers have to assess each candidate’s profile in a great detail to pick out the best fit for any role in their organization. Leaders are expected to have a different skill-set to be able to do justice to the managerial position that they are being hired for.