Japan Study India Program (SIP) – Ritsumeikan University -3rd August – 10th September 2018
SCIE in conjunction with Symbiosis Institute for Computer Science and Research (SICSR) conducted the Software Solution design program for students from Ritsumeikan University, Japan.

This program was lined up with visit to known software company,’YARDI Software India Pvt. Ltd. Co.’, Visit to NGO (Deep Griha Society), Ajantha and Ellora caves (Aurangabad), Bibi Ka Maqbara (Aurangabad) and Mumbai City.

The interactive sessions were focused on the core subject like Requirements Engineering (Java), Solution Engineering (Java), Solution Engineering(Database), Solution Engineering (Web Technology), Solution Construction (JSP), Introductory Business English, Technical English overview etc.

Beside with academics, students were also engaged in cricket tournament with Indian and Canadian students, Cultural and Bollywood Dance Workshop and Buddy activities etc.
OIN – Canada Study India Program (SIP) – 4 Week Program – 1st – 30th August 2018.
The Study India Program was conducted for 6 students from Canada for a period of 4 weeks. The lectures were conducted on Indian Economics, Vedic maths, Emerging India & Developing Business Opportunities in India, Indian culture, rural and urban technology followed by the relevant study tours to get the practical angle of what they were introduced to in the classrooms.

The students got to experience Indian culture, architecture and mythology when they went for an overnight excursion to Ajantha and Ellora caves (Aurangabad), Bibi Ka Maqbara (Aurangabad) and Mumbai City.

Beside with academics, they were also exposed to Cultural Heritage Walk through the Old City of Pune, Visit to NGO (Deep Griha Society), Visit to Ayurveda Rasashala, Workshop on Basic Hindi, Mehndi (Heena) and Bollywood Dance, etc.

On the last day, the students shared their experience along with presentation.
Japan Study India Program (SIP) – Josai University – 13th – 23rd August 2018.
Another batch of nursing students was welcomed by the Symbiosis College of Nursing (SCON) for the Study India Program which comprised of 6 students along with their Professor from Josai Japan.

In a span of about 10 days, the students experienced the health care systems in India via the visits to Government hospitals, Clinics, and Rural Health Care Centre in Pune city.

Lectures were conducted by SCON professors to introduce the nursing trends in India and also Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing, Emergency Care, Critical Care. They got to experience cutting edge technology through the Simulation on Metiman at SCON.

Along with academics, the students experienced some cultural immersion as well by attending Indian cooking, shopping with buddies and Bollywood dance.
Japan Study India Program (SIP) – Seirouka (St. Luke’s International Hospital) – 01st – 13th August 2018.
The Study India Program was conducted for the first time in collaboration with Symbiosis College of Nursing (SCON) 8 nursing students from Seirouka (St. Luke’s International Hospital), Japan.

This was a 2 weeks program lined up with visits to well-known Indian Government hospitals, Clinics, Rural Health Care Centre in Pune city.

Lectures were conducted on Introduction to Indian Health Care Delivery system and Trends in Nursing, India Trends in Nursing, Nursing Education Services in India- Historical & Future Perspectives, Emergency Care, Simulation on Metiman, Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing, Evidence Based Practice, Disaster Management etc.

Besides academics, they were exposed to the Old Pune city through the Cultural Heritage Walk, Indian Cooking Workshop, Mehndi and saree draping. SIU students had an excellent opportunity to mingle with the students and share their experiences.
Leeds Beckett University, UK – 18th August 2018.
Symbiosis Centre for International Education (SCIE) recently floated the Semester Abroad opportunities for the Leeds Beckett University, UK.

An interactive session with the Leeds Beckett University, India was represented by Ms. Jayashree Raghuram to address the quires and questions of the students.
Visit to Hildesheim University, Germany.
The Faculty from Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts and SCIE had visited University of Hildesheim, Germany through the ERASMUS+. They had an opportunity to visit the University and deliver lectures. They also conducted sessions for the students on Interactive skills in English language.
Australian Consulate – General Mumbai, Mr. Tony Huber visited Symbiosis International (Deemed University)
Australian Consulate-General Mumbai, Mr. Tony Huber visited Symbiosis International (Deemed University) on the 31st May 2018. During the meeting, he met Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) and discussed possible ways for collaborating with the Australian Universities. He also met the Deans of faculties and directors.
ASEFYLS Navigators Training program on “Ethical Leadership” Pune, India – 16th – 20th May 2018
Organised by Asia- Europe Foundation, supported by 3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit (ASEFYLS3) & contributing to Asia – Europe Meeting, ASEM12 – BRUSSELS 2018.

This training served as a springboard to the theme of “Ethical Leadership”. Through dialogues, workshops and study visits, the programme aimed to hone a nuanced and colourful understanding of leadership; navigating through personal, team and larger societal decision-making contexts. The programme goes under the mantra of ‘ethical leadership is not a theory; it is visible in practice and action’.

Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, Founder President, Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) explained how a guru or a teacher influences his students be it in any field and shared his own experiences on how ethics plays an important role in education. Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro-Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University), shared her own practical experiences about ethical leadership. The interactive session with participants helped to gain many new insights about ethical leadership. Dr. Rajani R. Gupte, Vice Chancellor, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) conducted a session on how ethics influences decision making through real life scenarios. She shared her own experiences about the dilemma one faces in making the right decisions which might change peoples’ lives.
Western Sydney University Delegation at Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts (SSLA) on 19th April 2018.
A delegation from the Western Sydney University, Australia visited the Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts on the 19th of April 2018. The delegation consisted of representation from the School of Health Sciences and School of Humanities and Communication Arts.
Indonesia Delegation Visit at Symbiosis Center for International Education (SCIE) Office (Vishwabhavan Conference Hall) on 28th March 2018.
Mr. Ade Sukendar, Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Mumbai visited Symbiosis International (Deemed University) on the 28th March to discuss various topics related to promotions of India-Indonesia relations in the education sector in cooperation with Symbiosis.